The company

The π² consists of the joining of forces of two young engineers, Elias and Athina Prezerakou, who have made it a rule to use new methods of building, the aesthetic perception, practicality and the respect of the environment are active in the area of building newly built buildings and the renovation of residences and retails. In September of 2013 Thanos Koutroulis a project manager in constructions and designing projects is in colaboration with π², bringing his long experience into the team.

The civil engineer Elias Prezerakos, who studied at Strathclyde university of Glasgow began his career in 2005 undertaking building permits and anything that has to do with the cognitive area. After the experience of 5 years in the individual compant, comes to be added the architect of N.T.U.A. Athina Prezerakou who studied at the interior & industrial design of SPD of Milan. Her incorporation gives color and architectural conception to the designing. With its enlargement the company is renamed with the mathematical symbol π². The main idea of the cooperation and the coexistence of two engineers, who have at the same time many common elements and many different conceptions, Athens, Glasgow, Milan, creates an invitation that this mixture gives an attractive type of perception to the cooperation with the client, in the designing and carrying out projects of engineering completeness and architectural culture.

The efforts up to now reveal a consideration of things, which gives out simplicity expressed by straight lines, approaches and perspectives, managing of colors and harmony of the proportions to the patterns of natural environment. The use of materials having as a rule and criterion the ample exploitation of the nature’ s wisdom and offer in compination with the market possibilities and the respect of the tradition, which comes as normal consequence of the above elements. The final result is characterized by the expression of simplicity, clarity, the rationalism and economics in the designing and construction og spaces.

The anthropocentric approach, pioneer designing and building techniques, use of the basic exploitation principles of the Greel ground and it s needs, constituted the main pivots of engineering and architecture of the π² philosophy.

The first meaning of building economy, which is necessary due to the economic crisis. The country goes through, comes to determine its own rules, which don’t contradict their opinion for buildings —— creations.

Last, the work of π² is characterized by the constant experimentation with new materials of the technology, innovative forms and the creation of new solutions which are geared to the needs, wishes, and aesthetic demands of the user.